Cébé Proguide Cat 2-4 Sunglasses

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Cébé Proguide sunglasses is perfect for all mountain and glacier excursion both summer and winter.
Developed in partnership with guides from the Syndicat National de Guides de Haute Montagne (French National Union of High Mountain Guide).
At it's core is a  PHOTOCHROMIC VARIOCHROM PEAK - CAT. 2-4 mineral lens, giving it a range from cat. 2 to cat. 4,  adjusting automatically to all light conditions, in particular extreme ones.
  • Side protection to block intense light and glare from the sides.
  • Sunglasses designed to promote ventilation and prevent fogging
  • Matt Blue/Orange
  • Removable rubber side shields
  • Scratch-resistant lens offering superior optical quality and great durability
  • Lightweight and virtually unbreakable, this lens is designed specially for intense luminosity (mountain or desert)
Cébé Proguide Cat 2-4 Sunglasses
Cébé Proguide sunglasses lens
Cébé Proguide sunglasses contrast
Cébé Proguide sunglasses anti-fog
Cébé Proguide sunglasses ventilation