Dermizax - The worlds most famous unknown waterproof membrane

We get asked a lot of questions about the waterproof membrane, Dermizax®, that Bergans use in their clothing. So, we decided to put out some information explaining about the membrane, and why a PU type membrane is a very good thing! 

This write up is definitely for the gear geeks!
Up close detail shot of a Bergans of Norway jacket

Dermizax® uses membranes made from a super thin film of polyurethane. A PU film performs by moving moisture in an adsorption-diffusion-desorption "monkey-bar" process. (The difference in concentrations drives water molecules, with their positive charges, from one hydrophilic polyurethane molecule (negatively charged) to the next. The movement can be likened to a child on a set of monkey bars, progressively swinging from one bar to the next.)
The market leading PU-membrane Dermizax® is a hydrophilic membrane that absorbs water vapor. In contrast to ePTFE membranes, the breathability here derives from the prior named “monkey-bar” process and not through small holes in the membrane which can clog up by dirt or sweat(e.g Gore -Tex). After diffusing within the membrane the water molecules are transported out through intermolecular spaces in the membrane to completely leave the inside of the jacket. Key factor here is the speed at which the PU molecules in the membrane move.  

            Increasing temperatures make the molecules move faster. Therefore, the higher the temperature inside the jacket, the more moisture is being transported. This results in higher breathability of Dermizax® fabrics when the activity level of the user increases. By warmer climate inside the jacket, the membrane becomes automatically more active, so transporting vapor and heat faster out of the clothing. When cold, the fabric breathes normally, keeping the loss of heat to a minimum, while transporting vapor out normally

Diagram of how a  Dermizax membrane works
PU membrane vs. ePTFE membrane
Nonporous (=PU) advantages:
•   Even with temperatures far below zero, there is no danger that the membrane freezes and will break, as might happen with micro porous membranes if water freezes in the pores.
•   Stretch: (ePTFE laminates are very limited to Stretch) Even when the fabric is stretched extremely due to severe movement, membrane damage and delamination are avoided. As the Dermizax® membrane is so stretchy it can also be combined effectively with other stretch fabrics as Lycra or similar.
•   More durable, because of dirt, sweat and salt resistance, than a micro porous system, as it has no pores which can clog or be widened.
•   Dynamic function for sports activities: The higher the microclimate temperature in the inside, the stronger the polymer molecule movement works and the higher the water vapor permeability is. When the micro temperature lowers, the molecule movement gets less- and the moisture permeability decreased accordingly in order to stay warm in cold conditions.
•   Usually results in lighter, smaller-packing garments.
•   Less energy needed during sports with big movements like telemarking or trail
running because of less frictional loss thanks to possible 4-way stretch.
•   Environmental friendly (no PFOS during production).

Easy care thanks to the possibility of machine wash with regular washing powder. No
pores can be clogged by washing powder.
Photo of the Bergans Storen Jacket
Bergans Storen jacket using the new Dermizax® NX
DERMIZAX® NX – Next-generation waterproof breathable technology
Its uncompromising functionality and the extreme lightweight make the NX membrane the leading membrane in the PU market. Dermizax® NX’s top rated breathability is achieved by precisely controlling the linkage of advanced hydrophilic PU molecules which then allows creating a smooth, well-balanced structure. On a molecular level the scientists were able to create larger spaces within the membrane molecules. This allows water vapor to now escape more efficiently to the outside and enables a new dimension of breathability. Toray also developed a special twisted yarn to ensure maximum stretch in all directions. The stretch reduces the pressure points on elbow and shoulders significantly so that the athlete feels free and unrestricted in his movements.
The newly designed polymer membrane consumes less energy during the membrane production process, reducing CO2 emissions. This makes Dermizax® NX also an environmental consciously produced membrane.
The more microclimate conditions saturate, the faster is the transmission of water vapor. This uncompromised functionality combined with 200% stretch makes it the perfect membrane for intense activities and helps athletes perform better. Redefining breathability through molecular control technology, speedy transmission with minimal condensation and highly water and windproofness makes Dermizax® NX the choice for professionals and enthusiasts.

Waterproofness: 20,000mmH2O or higher
Breathability: up to 55,000g/m2/ 24 hrs. (Breathability depends on the shell fabric and the textile engineering)

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