Brynje Wool Thermo light T-shirt

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Brynje Wool Thermo light T-shirt. T-shirt with round neck in a fine mesh knit. Lightweight, warm and with excellent moisture transport capability. Merino Wool (80%) and Polyamid(20%) in a mix that gives maximum user benefits. Thanks to Merino's excellent ability to regulate body temperature, this can be worn over a range of temperatures. The fine mesh adds more breathability, giving you all the qualities of wool with the performance of mesh.

Weight 110g

Brynje Wool Thermo light is the perfect balance between the soft Merino wool (80%), the moisture transporting power of a blended synthetic (20%) coupled with the trademark tight mesh knit.
The tighter knit of the mesh allows better ventilation for the skin, while allowing air to be trapped against the skin if worn with another garment over it. The properties of Merino wool are well known, and needless to say, provide excellent warmth and comfort next to the skin. The synthetic fibre polyamide provides added moisture transportation quality, along with providing stretch or contoured fit to the garments.
The classic micro can be used for a variety of activities, and is proving a popular choice for people who don’t quite know what the day will bring!

Washing your Merino Wool product

  • Machine wash on wool program
  • Do not use chlorine or soak garment
  • Use wool detergent that does not contain enzymes / bleaches.
  • The garment should not be tumble-dried .
  • Remember not too much laundry in the washing machine.
  • Wool does not get dirty in the same way as other clothing, therefore, it is not necessary to wash it as often
Brynje Wool Thermo light T-shirt
Brynje Wool Thermo light T-shirt
Brynje Wool Thermo light T-shirt