Brynje Classic Wool Light T-shirt

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NEW! Sometimes all you want is a merino wool t-shirt, and Brynje have got one for you. Ultralight and versatile t-shirt with a comfortable fit, perfect for outdoor, work and casual wear all year round. The T-shirt has a supremely soft solid-knit construction, made from 100% organic superfine merino wool.

Wool garments derive their thermoregulating properties from a waviness in the fibre structure known as crimps. The finer the wool fibre, the more crimps. These form small air pockets, which have a warming and insulating effect, even when the garment is wet.

Product Features

  • Fit: Regular (M’s)
  • Solid knit 100 % organic merino wool
  • Supremely soft and itch-free
  • Ultralight, thin material
  • High wicking and breathable
  • Insulates when wet
  • Durable
  • Naturally odour-resistant - can be aired after use to prolong time between washes

Technical Specifications

  • Material: 100 % organic merino wool
  • Merino fibre diameter: 17,5 micron (superfine)
  • Material weight: 150 g/m2 (ultralight)
  • Product weight: 120 grams (size M)

Washing Wool Products

Our merino wool products are machine washable and easy to care for. However, machine washing consumes both water and energy. As wool fibres have natural antimicrobial and odour-resistant properties, it is often sufficient to refresh a garment after use by simply hanging it up to air. When washing is necessary, make sure to use the wool setting on your machine and follow our wool washing instructions.