Brynje Classic Womens’ Merino Wool Shirt

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Brynje Classic womens’ wool long sleeve shirt with in the finest Merino Wool (80%) and Polyamid(20%). This is a perfect combination of materials, giving all the benefits of merino wool, with added robustness and stretch of the polyamide fibers. The fit has been tailored for a womens specific fit, making sure that comfort and function work hand in hand. Subtle pink stitching give it a feminine touch, rounding off a classic womens merino base layer.
Can be worn on it's own or as a "cap" layer over any of our mesh products.
Merino weight is 190g/M2

    •    Weight 210g

Brynje have been using wool since their inception back in the 1950’s, and for good reason. They recognise wool’s outstanding properties when it comes to keeping people warm. With the uptake of Merino wool fibres, they now produce garments that are warm, faster drying, do not smell bad for days and stay warm.
The fibres in merino wool are fine and long, creating a wool garment that is soft, smooth and extremely warm. These features also mean that the garments have a low “itch factor” when next to the skin.
Merino is also tougher than regular wool and is easier to launder. To increase durability and stretch, Brynje added polyester filaments to the Merino wool. The Merino blend is 80 % Merino wool and 20 % Polyamid.
Brynje Classic Merino wool underwear is designed to complement the Super Thermo mesh base layer, or to be used on its own. Either way, it is a truly “classic” piece of kit.

Washing your Merino Wool product

  • Machine wash on wool program
  • Do not use chlorine or soak garment
  • Use wool detergent that does not contain enzymes / bleaches.
  • The garment should not be tumble-dried .
  • Remember not too much laundry in the washing machine.
  • Wool does not get dirty in the same way as other clothing, therefore, it is not necessary to wash it as often
Brynje Classic Womens’ Merino Wool Shirt
Brynje Classic Womens’ Merino Wool Shirt