Vested interested.......No pun intended!

Now, obviously I have a vested interest in Brynje since I'll be selling their kit in the UK, but just to show my impartiality when it comes to finding new and innovative kit, I' going to post below a few alternatives to the Brynje mesh kit. What I am really happy about is that there are other big name companies out there who are following suit when it comes to mesh. Castelli, Giordana, Craft and Adidas(as worn by the unfortunate Bradley Wiggins in Stage 4 T'dF this year) among others. What is also nice is that many companies have now proven the concept, but ultimately I have proven it to myself and therefore concur (which I'm sure the industry is happy about!).
So, here are a few of the mesh tops out there:
Giordana mesh base layer short sleeve. I can't wait for the woman's version to appear (an old fashion piece of humour which I hope did no upset any feminists following the blog............although judging by my lack of following even hard core left wing feminist are very welcome!). Retails for about CA$77.00, but discounts abound.....probably because some people take some convincing to buy one because of the looks they may get!
Castelli Core mesh base layer. This seems to be very popular, and has been around for a while it seems. Normally about CA$54.00, but shop around to get a good discount.
Craft Pro cool mesh base layer. Craft are a Swedish company that make decent kit at a reasonable price. They are normally up there when it comes to innovation. Retails for about CA$31.00.

I am going to try and get my hands on some of this stuff, and will post my results. At the moment I'm waiting for some more extreme weather (either hot or cold) to see how the kit does.

I was on a ride on Saturday morning wearing my Brynje classic Merino wool T-shirt, with an Altura Transformer jacket. Weather was a cool 14 C with a slight breeze. It was a perfect combination. It wasn't a hard ride (a few hours at an easy pace) although I did push up a few hills. The Merino did a great job of regulating body temperature, and the Altura jacket kept the wind out, but also breathed well with the Merino.
I think the Altura Transformer is great value, and it's been a great addition to the kit since the spring.

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