It's a Runners World

We have made a brief appearance in this months (actually Feb) Runners World, and we've been working with the team there so they can really put the mesh to the test. Initial results are very encouraging, but there are more reviews to come!
We also had a good review in Trail running. Of course, this kit is already used by runners in Scandinavia  but we are helping UK users find out about the benefits of mesh.

In the meantime, thought I'd post a quote from an article written on the highly respected forum (you have to be a paid member to access the whole article I'm afraid).
"I started experimenting with the Brynje Super Thermo Shirt back in 2008 in my search for a layering system that would let me comfortably run for an extended time in foul, wet conditions with temperatures in the 30's. Prior to fishnet, I tried various rain shells over conventional base and mid layers, but no system would breathe well enough to handle the amount of moisture I produced when working hard. Systems with windshirts let more sweat escape, but eventually too became soaked with sweat and rain. Inevitably, I would end a long run soaked and shivering.
Learning to regulate your exertion and layers so as not to sweat into your clothing is a primary skill when backpacking. But when trail running, the goal is often to work as hard as you can for as long as you can so as to maximize your workout. You just hope your clothing system can keep up.
A two-layer system of a fishnet baselayer and windshell (System “D”, above) was a revelation for me. I even chose it as my 2009 Backpacking Light Staff Pick. With it, I would still become wet from perspiration and rain, but the fishnet's small surface area in contact with my skin limited conductive heat loss, and the voids continued to insulate, even as my skin, fishnet layer, and windshirt eventually all became saturated with moisture. It is the closest I've seen to the holy grail “warm when wet” layering system."

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