Capo Pursuit short sleeve jersey

Finally, we had some warm weather which meant that it was time to get out and ride in the new Capo gear we've been stocking since May. I've split my rides between the entry level Capo Pursuit short sleeve jersey and the high end Capo GS-13 short sleeve jersey
This review is going to concentrate on the Capo Pursuit short sleeve jersey. I’ve taken it out in conditions varying from 19C and windy to 27C and warm! I have been combining it with a Brynje Super Microbase layer for all but the warmest rides.

Capo Pursuit with Brynje Super micro under it.
The Capo Pursuit short sleeve jersey has really raised the bar for the Capo entry level range. Designed with warm weather in mind, this jersey is aimed at the Weekend rider who wants to experience a higher level of cycling kit while maintaining a conservative appearance without breaking the bank.

The Capo Pursuit Jersey is made from circular knit Sphere TX® matched with HydroDrop® shoulder panels for enhanced performance and freedom of movement. The HydroDrop® is a very lightweight and silky fabric that runs from the sleeve and across the shoulders. This gives the jersey a luxurious and expensive feel, and means the sleeves stay wrinkle free. The cut on the arms seems a decent length (as you can see below), and the material hugs the arms and has a very low profile. The sleeves fit well, so there’s no need for elastic or grippers to keep them in place. This low profile, however, does show up whatever you have underneath as you can see my schoolboy error of wearing a base layer t-shirt under the shirt!
Soft, slick sleeves.....but they expose any wardrobe malfunctions!

The length of the front jersey is on the short side, which is fine by me. What this means is you don’t get bunching of the zip when riding. This is never a problem when coupled with bibshorts, meaning there is never an air gap! I’ve see some reviews that criticise the short front length, but again, I can only see it as an advantage….and it’s something common to all Capo short sleeve jerseys.
The fit is not as roomy as the Capo Modena, but not as race-tight as the GS-13. I'm 6ft, 42" chest and I have a LARGE. As you can see, I pretty much fill every inch of it, but without it being super tight or uncomfortable.
The technical performance is very good thanks to the Sphere TX®. Sphere TX® is a multi-layer hydrophobic knit construction, with an inner weave for moisture absorption and an outer sphere for efficient transfer. It is used in the front and back panels. This means the fabric is obviously great at wicking, and does a fantastic job when coupled with one of the Brynje mesh base layers.
Another advantage of the Pursuit is that it has Silver panels under the arms, which I found to handle smelly body odour very well, making it a good choice for multiday rides. The Silver is a quick drying warp knit micro-fiber with visible silver yarn for enhanced breathability and effective anti-bacterial protection.  
Silver panels under the arm.....typical of Capo's attention to detail.

Other details include a hidden full zip with thumb gripper, making it easy to find and work the zipper. There’s also a silicon gripper decal band around the waist to hold the shirt in place.

Good quality zip and silicon gripper on the hem.

To sum up, the Capo Pursuit short sleeve jersey offers great value for money, with technical fabrics normally only found on more expensive jerseys. The technical performance is able to keep up with the demands of riding in warm weather, with the fabrics giving a luxurious feel. If it wasn’t for the superior (but more expensive) Capo GS-13 jersey, I’d be wearing this all summer. As it stands, I’m alternating them!

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